The One Pair of Luxury Sneakers That Truly Stand Apart
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  • Post published:14/04/2021
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It’s true that Calvin Klein has set the fashion world aflame more times than you can count. But the most famous instance was in 1980, when the company debuted a sultry ad shot by famed photographer Richard Avedon, and featuring supermodel-turned-actress Brooke Shields. The spot shows Shields sitting seductively, clad in airtight denim. “You know what comes between me and my Calvins?” she asks. “Nothing.” She was 15 years old. While CBS and ABC banned the ad, department stores sold jeans like crazy.

And now, the master of American minimalism is poised to heat things up again—only this time without pushing the boundaries of acceptability. Instead, Calvin Klein has taken a straightforward approach, by designing the sleekest, sexiest sneaker to hit shelves this decade: the Ibrahim Leather Sneakers. At first glance, sure, this looks to be your run-of-the-mill upscale leather sneaker.

Not so fast.

For starters, the industrial-grade zipper already puts this shoe a step ahead of the rest. (You may be wondering why a shoe would boast both a zipper and laces. The key is to lace ’em up to your desired snugness, keep it at that setting, and zip in and out when you want to wear them.) From there, the devil is in the details: a keen eye will spot sumptuous leather, tonal stitching, and a luxuriously padded footbed that don’t exist in tandem anywhere else. To top it off, the shoe is black as a moonless night—we all know that shade works with any outfit, in any situation. Wear these to the boardroom. Wear these on your big date. Wear these wherever the hell you want, because where you belong, they belong.

Nothing will come between you and your Calvins.

Ibrahim Leather Sneaker

$110; buy now at

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