The One Strange Way Drake Says COVID Is Still Affecting Him
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If anything has become clear about COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, it’s that it can affect everyone differently. Some come down with a combination of a cough, loss of smell or taste, body aches, fever, or fatigue. Others may feel nothing at all when they’re infected. Of course, this is still true even if you happen to be one of the most recognizable celebrities on the planet. This includes rapper Drake, who recently revealed that he’s dealing with a side effect from COVID that’s still affecting him. Read on to see what symptom the performer is still trying to get over.

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Drake says he’s still recovering from hair loss as a lingering COVID side effect.

Rapper Drake walking into a restaurant surrounded by a security detail.Rapper Drake walking into a restaurant surrounded by a security detail.

In a recent Instagram exchange, Drake revealed that he’s currently recovering from one lingering side effect of COVID: Hair loss. The announcement came when a fan account posted before and after photos on Instagram showing the rapper sporting a heart shaved into the front of his hairline that looked to be disappearing in a later picture.

The fan pointed out the change in the post’s caption, writing “that heart is stressed,” along with a skull and cry-laughing emoji. Drake soon responded with a comment explaining the waning hair design.

“I had COVID that s*** grew in weird I had to start again,” he replied in a comment, along with a cry-laughing emoji. He then added: “It’s coming back don’t diss.”

It’s not too uncommon to experience hair loss as a result of COVID.

Woman with hair lossWoman with hair loss

While it has come as a shocking and unexpected surprise to many who’ve experienced it, hair loss is actually a relatively common side effect of COVID. One pre-print study released on medRxiv in March surveyed 5,163 patients for a 21-day period after they tested positive for the virus, finding that one in three respondents had experienced the symptom.

One doctor even pointed out that the effects can sometimes be felt even after the virus has run its course. “I see patients in the clinic for hair disorder issues, and recently we had a couple of patients who during—and even after—infection with COVID, started to have pretty noticeable shedding of their hair,” Pedram Yazdan, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine, said in an interview with Yahoo Life. “And basically there was no real attributable reason other than the infection that could have caused them to shed their hair.”

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Other celebrities have publicly struggled with the COVID side effect.


Drake isn’t alone when it comes to celebrities who’ve struggled with hair loss after developing COVID. Last August, actor Alyssa Milano documented her struggles with the virus, posting a video on Twitter that documented how much she was shedding as a result.

“It’s hard, especially when you’re an actor and so much of your identity is wrapped up in those things, like having long silky hair and clean skin,” she said during an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show last October. “Along with that also, I have the brain fog. Which, again, as an actress, as someone who has to memorize dialogue and be able to emote, and respond, and be on my toes, it’s frightening.”

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Drake was also one of the first celebrities to have a public brush with COVID.

Drake at the premiere of "EuDrake at the premiere of "Eu
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

It’s still unclear when Drake actually came down with COVID, but he was still one of the earliest celebrities to speak publicly about getting tested for the virus. In March 2020, the Canadian rapper was exposed while hanging out with NBA star Kevin Durant, who later tested positive.

“Yeah, I had to do a test, but it came back negative, though,” the rapper said while streaming on Instagram Live later that month. But, he added: “That test was uncomfortable though, they put that Q-tip all the way inside your thoughts and s***.”

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