This Company Is Donating 15K Masks to Families in Need—and Best Life Readers Get an Exclusive Discount

The CDC has officially recommended that Americans wear cloth masks outside to limit the spread of coronavirus, but as any parent can attest, trying to convince your little ones to wear those not-quite-perfect homemade ones you made out of your old pillowcases is easier said than done.

The good news? Beloved baby brand Petunia Pickle Bottom, known around the world for their must-have diaper bags and recent Disney collaboration, have launched a line of adorable 100 percent cotton masks for the whole family.

“The Petunia Pickle Bottom team felt it was our social responsibility to help out amid the coronavirus pandemic, as we are uniquely capable of creating an essential protective item through the repurposing of our fabrics,” says Ian Schaffer, Petunia Pickle Bottom’s CEO and president. “We know that every parent wants to feel at ease leaving their house with their children, but we’ve also been cognizant of the need to keep medical-grade masks available for those on the frontlines. It’s with that in mind that we created our soft, comfortable masks for adults and kids.”

Better yet, for every pack of masks purchased on the Petunia Pickle Bottom website, a pack will be donated to a family in need through 501(c) nonprofit Baby2Baby, with the aim of donating 15,000 masks in total.

The masks come in a four pack for children:

four pack of cotton masksfour pack of cotton masks
Petunia Pickle Bottom
$2o at Petunia Pickle Bottom

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A four pack for adults:

pack of patterned face maskspack of patterned face masks
Petunia Pickle Bottom
$20 at Petunia Pickle Bottom

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Or a combo pack of four kids’ masks and four adult masks:

six pack of cloth face maskssix pack of cloth face masks
Petunia Pickle Bottom
$35 at Petunia Pickle Bottom

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From now until July 30th, Best Life readers can get 10 percent off their order using code BL10 on the Petunia Pickle Bottom website at checkout, keeping your family—and your wallet—a bit safer along the way.

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