This DAFNI Allure Straightening Brush Is the Perfect Gift for Anyone Who’s Always on the Go

Ask anyone with a head full of curls and they’ll tell you: Whether they’re loose waves or ringlets, those coils can be a blessing or a curse. Sure, their natural volume can look amazing, but one wrong move—including going to sleep while your hair’s still damp—can turn the next day into one where you’re stuck wearing a baseball cap or beanie indoors just to avoid horrifying yourself with your own reflection.

Enter: The DAFNI Allure. For many a curly-haired individual, the original DAFNI—a straightening brush that delivers magically smooth locks just by brushing your hair, was a game-changer. Now, the same company that brought so many be-ringleted men and women joy is back, and their brush is better than ever: namely, it’s got a tiny cordless twin that packs a serious straightening punch.

DAFNI allure on white backgroundDAFNI allure on white background
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As a wavy-to-curly-haired woman myself (2C represent), I’ve had far too many days turn into ones where I don’t want to look in a mirror, much less be photographed, because my hair looks like something is building a nest in it. This is especially true when I’m traveling, meaning I more often find myself taking family pictures than starring in them. But with the DAFNI Allure, all it took was a few minutes (about 10 for my thick, shoulder-length hair) to get it straight and manageable. And better yet, at just about six inches long, the Allure was easy to toss in my bag while traveling during the holiday season. Heck, I even straightened my hair in the car on the way to the airport (I wasn’t driving! Don’t @ me!)

While it didn’t get my hair pin straight the way a flat iron might, it gave me something better: Straight, bouncy hair with serious volume, but none of the messiness that usually comes with brushing out curls. The set even comes with a heat-resistant cover and bag, so I didn’t have to worry about the brush melting anything in my purse—a lesson I’ve learned the hard way with other straighteners (RIP, assorted pens and hair clips).

If you’re still searching for the perfect present for the beauty junkie on your list—or just want to treat yourself to something special this holiday season—head over to DAFNI to get the Allure now.

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